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A wonderful summer vacation at Sjusjøen

Welcome to Sjusjøen!

The place that year after year is named the best winter destination in Norway.

Sjusjøen is the gateway to the Norwegian mountains and with its stable climate, the area is one of the best all year-round destinations. Only 2 hours from Oslo or 20 minutes from Lillehammer you will find us 800 meters above sea level. This place has activities for the whole family where you can pick and choose! In November the ski tracks are ready - as the first in the country. The ski tracks are of the highest quality throughout the winter and are actually fantastic until May. We enhance the experience when you choose to stay at our high standard cabins and apartments. Here you will find harmony and tranquility with family or good friends. Come and visit us!

Summer deal inkl. outdoor whirpool!

Rent highstandard cabin with fantastic view and get outdoor whirpool in the price


Easy access, excellent hiking, beautiful open mountain terrain and diverse cycling experiences, place Sjusjøen among the best mountain bike destinations in Norway. The biking season lasts from mid-July to early October.

Accommmondation Birkebeinerrittet

Are you participating in Birkebeinerrittet in August 2017 ? Both elite and recreational bikers enjoy this journey. The course passes through impressive forrest, mountains, rivers and valleys from the village of Rena to the Olympic city of Lillehammer. We still got available accomoondations.


If you want plenty of space in a pleasant atmosphere, we offer two fantastic large cabins in perfect location at Sjusjøen Ski Center. Check pictures and info below.

Sjusjøen Ski Center

Family-friendly ski and bike resort with stunning views. At Sjusjøen Mountain Bike Park you will find handmade and natural trails who ensures a great bicycle experience. The trails in our bike park have different levels of difficulty, and is suitable for experienced and beginners.

Sjusjøen Cafe

Good homemade food for all occasions.

Find your perfect cabin

We have all standards, from large cabins to small apartments!

R0050 - 5s / Eftablikk

R0050 - 5s / Eftablikk

2 Bedroom, Sat, 3 Mar - Sat, 10 Mar

Total price: EUR 1192.00,-

B2709 - 6-8s / Fjellsyn

B2709 - 6-8s / Fjellsyn

3 Bedroom, Sat, 20 Jan - Thu, 25 Jan

Total price: EUR 873.00,-

R0009 - 4-5s

R0009 - 4-5s

2 Bedroom, Sat, 17 Jun - Sat, 24 Jun

Total price: EUR 683.00,-

R0365 - 5s / Rømåsbu

R0365 - 5s / Rømåsbu

2 Bedroom, Wed, 31 May - Fri, 2 Jun

Total price: EUR 281.00,-

R0984 - 14s / Månetoppen

R0984 - 14s / Månetoppen

5 Bedroom, Sun, 6 Aug - Sun, 13 Aug

Total price: EUR 1323.00,-

R0033 - 5- 6s

R0033 - 5- 6s

2 Bedroom, Sat, 16 Sep - Sat, 23 Sep

Total price: EUR 714.00,-

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Sjusjøen Skiing

Join and find out about Norway's best ski slopes


+47 623 34 960

E-post: info@sjusjoen.no

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